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So you want to learn and master the guitar? You have a local Long Island guitar teacher ready to help you. If you like so many others in our wonderful area have ever thought about learning how to play the guitar, you may have had some questions.

You may have asked yourself, how much are guitar lessons, where can I find guitar lessons near me, are there any really good guitar teachers near me? We can answer each one of those questions.

The prices on guitar lessons will depend on how long you want your long island guitar lessons to be. We offer half-hour to hour-long lessons. So if you need a little more time each week, we have no problem signing you up for a small additional cost.

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About Us

About Guitar Lessons Long Island

Your guitar lessons we provide will be sure to get you going on the right path in your musical journey. If you are just starting out with a guitar and need guidance and motivation to learn guitar and continue practicing we can help.

Perhaps you have even played guitar for a few years, and need some guidance for adding some flavor to your playing. We can help with that too.

At Guitar Lessons, Long Island employs local guitar teachers. This helps build a sense of family within our musical community. Your guitar teacher in Long Island, NY is sure to help you obtain knowledge. Not only of local music popular in your area but other styles and genres that are not necessarily known by all.

When you decide you want to learn how to play guitar you are making a positive commitment with yourself to improve your life in many ways. We want to be a part of that journey.

Why Choose Us?

When our students learn to play guitar, they may not know it. But they are also picking up other skills and virtues they did not know they were gaining.

These virtues are some that our company was founded on. Both our students and instructors are bound to display these virtues each and every day. Again, most of the time without realizing they are doing it

  • Patience
  • Responsibility
  • Hard-work

When you learn to play guitar, there can be times that are frustrating. Perhaps you aren’t learning as fast as you dreamed. Remember, this is not an overnight process by any means. Or perhaps there is a particular technique or song you just can't seem to get quite right. That’s ok! It has happened to all of us including our wonderful staff!

In times like these, this requires patience. Not only with your guitar teacher, but with yourself. As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day, and neither are your guitar skills.

Responsibility is a key virtue to all students regardless of the subject matter. You must stay responsible as you show up to every lesson on time, and prepared to learn! As a student you also have homework, that’s right homework!

Students only have an average of thirty minutes with their instructors. Unfortunately, that isn’t much! Most of your greatest personal achievements will be accomplished right at home. This can be as you practice new songs and new material each week. That can seem like hard work!

What To Expect?

So if we expect all this from our students you may be wondering what you can expect from us? Well, the exact same! Our instructors live each of these virtues each and every day. Not only while they teach, but while they continue mastering their instruments as well.

During your first lesson, we will first ask questions about you and guitar. Have you played guitar before, where is your skill level with music, what music do you listen to on a regular basis? This information will help us find a guitar teacher that really matches your personality as a student and fulfill your individual needs.

Next, we will review our lesson plan and give you a notebook containing all you will learn in the coming months. This will be a notebook you are required to bring with you to each lesson and bring home with you to practice on your own.

Then the real work begins. We will cover material such as music theory, how to play guitar chords, how to play guitar scales, what key a song is in, and what it means to play in that key.

Soon you will be playing along with your favorite songs and even writing your own songs if you choose. Just be patient.



Our services include much more than basic guitar lessons. Please read further to learn of the different types of services we offer to make sure you or someone you know is getting the best Long Island guitar lessons experience possible!

beginner guitar lessons long island

Guitar Lessons for Beginners

Everyone has to start somewhere. If you have never picked up a guitar in your life don’t worry that’s why our facility was made. Our lessons for beginners start with the very basics regarding music theory, how a guitar works, and more! Soon you will build your knowledge from the ground up and will be hitting those complicated riffs in no time.

kids guitar lessons long island

Guitar Lessons for Kids

One of our greatest passions at Guitar Lessons in Long Island NY is teaching the youth! To us, there is nothing more important than preparing the next generation of musicians for a world full of music. If it wasn’t for our kids, music would cease to exist. Our instructors start with a strong musical foundation and build your child up from there. Our instructors are pros at making the material not only relatable but fun too!

long island bass guitar lessons

Bass Guitar Lessons

Bass is such a fun instrument to play. The bass is just like the guitar but instead of six strings, there are four that play much lower notes. Our bass guitar lessons will help with more than just scales and notes. But we will teach you fun playing techniques such as fingerpicking, guitar picks, and slap bass

long island electric guitar lessons

Electric Guitar Lessons

Our electric guitar lessons are the best in the area and we can prove it! We will cover material from music theory, scales, chords, picking styles, guitar tone, and even equipment. With our electric guitar lessons, you are guaranteed to be hitting those heavy riffs and solos you listened to on your favorite albums growing up.

long island acoustic guitar lessons

Acoustic Guitar Lessons

When it comes to guitar nothing is thought of more than the famous acoustic guitar. Played in country songs and other classics you heard growing up, our acoustic guitar lessons will have you playing along in no time. Over time in our lessons, you will learn how to play chords, key signatures, fingerpicking, strumming techniques, and more!

long island classical guitar lessons

Classical Guitar Lessons

Our classical guitar lessons are similar to acoustic lessons but with a fun amount of flavor added to them. Classical guitar songs may seem complex and imitating at first but don’t let that hold you back! Our instructors will help you master chords and play multiple notes at once within those chords to create a unique and complex-sounding riff. It’s sure to impress your friends.

long island guitar lessons for adults

Guitar Lessons for Adults

Are you someone that has played guitar on and off for years? Maybe you pick it up and put it back down after a few minutes not sure what to do next. Well, we are here for you! Our guitar lessons for adults cater to all kinds of experience you may have had from teenage years and up. We will cover any of the basics you may need to develop a good strong foundation. Or we can help you fine-tune the skills you currently possess.

Service Area

About Long Island ny

Long island is an island east of New York. The island is 23 miles wide and up to 118 miles long! Very populated with a population of 7.647 million people, this island is sure to be a travel destination for many.

Long Island offers activities such as lighthouses, an aquarium, and Old Westbury Gardens. You can’t forget the ever famous Coney Island in Southwestern Brooklyn

While a wonderful place to visit, Long Island was rated the second most expensive place to live in the United States. Requiring families and an average salary of $103,000 a year just to get by.

Surrounding area include:

  • New York
  • Elmhurst
  • Woodside
  • Jackson Heights
  • Astoria
  • Maspeth
  • Brooklyn
  • Sunnyside
  • And so many surrounding areas!

Frequently Asked Questions

We have compiled a list of the most frequently asked questions regarding guitar and guitar lessons for your convenience. Please review them as we may have answered some of your questions below!

Do I really need guitar lessons, or can I just learn on my own?

You are more than welcome to learn guitar on your own. There are wonderful tools online that can assist in learning how to play guitar. That being said there is are a few things learning on your own cannot give you.

Who will hold you accountable to make sure you are learning your instrument? How will you know if you are getting the correct information? Most importantly you need direct feedback from a professional! You may be picking up bad habits and techniques that will actually complicate your playing in the long run. So yes, we recommend signing up for lessons today!

What is a guitar pick and do I need one?

A guitar pick is a small tool that guitar players use to strum their guitar. They range in size as well and thickness. They are especially useful when playing the electric guitar due to fast strumming and other techniques such as palm muting. Yes, we recommend you purchase one. Don’t worry they aren’t expensive!

Will I need to change my guitar strings?

Over time your guitar strings will become worn down. They will be harder to play and not sound nearly as good as new strings. Yes, you will need to change them. But there are ways we can teach you to prolong the life of your strings. Such as washing your hands before you play your guitar to avoid dirt and grime buildup. Or cleaning your strings every week or so.

What is a guitar tuner, and do I need one?

A guitar tuner is simply a device that allows you to visually see what each individual guitar string is tuned to. There are many kinds with lights, and displays ranging from ten to hundreds of dollars. While we do teach you how to tune your instrument by ear, we highly recommend you bring one to each practice. You do not need a fancy tuner to start.

Will I need to learn music theory?

Yes in time music theory will need to be mastered. Don’t worry it’s not nearly as scary as it sounds! Music theory knowledge will help you understand what key you are in, what scales to play, and what chords you can play with each song. It is a necessity if you plan on mastering your instrument and really impressing your friends and other musicians.

Customer Testimonials


When I started my guitar lessons I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. Guitar Lessons Long Island helped me master the basics as well as all the advanced techniques. Now I’m the lead guitar player in my church band and I couldn’t be happier.

Terrence C.


My grandson wanted to play guitar for years. So I bought him a guitar as well as guitar lessons. His instructor never fails to amaze us as he is so patient teaching my grandson and his skills with his instrument surprise us each and every week. Thanks Guitar Lessons Long Island.

Clearance P.


I had a few years of guitar playing experience under my belt but was having a hard time improving on my own. My instructor taught me the importance of music theory and scales and now I’m writing guitar solos all on my own in seconds. I’m playing riffs faster than I ever imagined possible for me. Thank you all you’re the best!

Josh R.

Your guitar lessons are sure to bring a smile to your face or to someone you love. Music is a wonderful gift for others and yourself. If you have been wanting to learn guitar for years or get back into it. Then our lessons are right for you.

Stop in today and talk to one of our instructors at Guitar Lessons Long Island. Come see for yourself! We promise to offer the best customer service in the area and make learning music more fun than you ever imagined! Contact us today and sign up for your very first lesson!

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