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Customer Testimonials


When I started my guitar lessons I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. Guitar Lessons Long Island helped me master the basics as well as all the advanced techniques. Now I’m the lead guitar player in my church band and I couldn’t be happier.

Terrence C.


My grandson wanted to play guitar for years. So I bought him a guitar as well as guitar lessons. His instructor never fails to amaze us as he is so patient teaching my grandson and his skills with his instrument surprise us each and every week. Thanks Guitar Lessons Long Island.

Clearance P.


I had a few years of guitar playing experience under my belt but was having a hard time improving on my own. My instructor taught me the importance of music theory and scales and now I’m writing guitar solos all on my own in seconds. I’m playing riffs faster than I ever imagined possible for me. Thank you all you’re the best!

Josh R.

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